Egg White Omelette with Tomatoes, Mushroom and Chives

Oy with the eggs already! For the purposes of this project, it’s not very fair that Sookie and Michel had to have an argument about various egg dishes in the only scene Sookie’s in during this episode. I like eggs just as much as the next chef, but one thing I have never learned to like are egg white omelettes.

I remember when I was pregnant with my son, I had woken up one morning and seriously craved like, the healthiest breakfast sandwich in existence, whatever it may be. So I researched all of the fast food chains in my area that served breakfast sandwiches until I found it – the avocado, egg White and spinach sandwich from a restaurant that shall remain nameless. I threw my stretchy pants on and raced over to grab my Rapid Pick Up Order (because I needed it ASAP), jumped back into my car, tore open the wrapper and took a bite, only to immediately regret what I had just done.

Now, don’t hear me say that the avocado, egg white and spinach sandwich was bad. I love said fast food establishment  and would never want to slander their name, but when you’re seven months pregnant with a heightened gag-reflex, you want to do whatever it takes to avoid setting it off at all costs, and something about the viscous cholesterol-free texture of the egg whites has just always offended me.

I admire anyone who can wake up in the morning and legitimately crave an entire omelette made from egg whites. I find it akin to drinking black coffee (which I do, so I get at least a few points there!), but it did make me feel a little sad for Michel and his carb-free lifestyle. You gotta give it to him for being so disciplined.

Overall this didn’t sound like a bad dish. I really did want to enjoy it. Instead of the three egg omelette with goat cheese cooked in a sherry olive oil, Michel had originally requested an egg white omelette cooked very dry with some tomatoes, mushroom and *maybe* a little chive. I mean, to the average person I’m sure this dish doesn’t sound repulsive, except I have a very strained relationship to each of the ingredients in that name. I just gave you my sad pregnant lady story over egg whites, I have tried and never got onboard with mushrooms and even though I love tomatoes, I have a weird sensitivity to cooked tomatoes that aren’t in a pizza sauce. But for y’all, I sincerely tried.

There’s not too much to this recipe, and to be honest, I kind of avoided it and then powered through it just for the sake of saying that I did it. I scrambled up four egg whites with some salt and pepper and cooked them in a lightly oiled skillet until firm (and what I believed to be “very dry.” I added in the mushrooms tomatoes and chives, flipped it over onto a plate and voila! Super simple.

Final Review: This dish was super simple, and overall it really did have good flavor, it just wasn’t a flavor I was crazy about, if that makes sense. We all have our faults, right? This would be a fantastic dish for anyone who loves egg whites, mushrooms and hot tomatoes! Michels of the world unite! No shame in the low-carb game, however, you’ll be sorely disappointed for next week’s recipe, when we skip a few episodes ahead to 1.19 with Sookie’s Orange Glazed Muffins with Cinnamon Butter… I can’t wait!


Egg White Omelette with Tomatoes, Mushroom and Chives


4 egg whites

¼ tsp salt

¼ tsp black pepper

¼ cup mushrooms

¼ cup diced tomatoes

1 ½ tsp unsalted butter

1 tbsp cooking oil

2 tbsp chives, chopped

In a cast iron skillet, saute the sliced mushrooms until browned on both sides. Set aside in a small bowl and coat with butter. Cook the tomatoes in the skillet until tender and slightly seared and then add to bowl with the mushrooms. Chop the chives.

Scramble together the egg whites, salt and pepper. In a clean non-stick skillet, heat the cooking oil until warm. Add the egg whites to the skillet and move the eggs until cooked through. Let rest on the pan for one minute. Add the mushrooms, tomatoes and chopped chives to the middle of the omelette and then fold in half either in the pan, or by sliding onto a clean plate. Garnish with any leftover toppings. Enjoy!

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    1. thegourmetgilmore

      I whole-heartedly agree! I’m excited for carbs next week… ’cause after that it’ll be back to eggs again!

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