Macaroons, chocolate praline cookies & mini heart-shaped cakes

Welcome back to the Gourmet Gilmore: Quaratine Edition! I have loved reading all of the theories going around on my many Gilmore groups I am a part of on Facebook. It definitely seems like something the girls have been training for throughout the series: endless snacking and movie watching, the only time you leave the couch is to receive the pizza you ordered. 

It only sounds idealistic in theory though, don’t you agree? I don’t know about you, but working from my home office (a.k.a. the dining table), the proximity to my pantry accompanied by my irritated scoliosis from our Amazon dining chairs has left me wishing I was actually a runner. Never a better time to try though, I guess? That thought is almost as laughable as Rory going to the gym. 

Either way, I hope this post finds you well and at home, wherever you’re reading from. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I really struggled with continuing this project during quarantine. Back in March it was just supposed to be a two-week stay at home, and the grocery store shelves were totally depleted anyway, so I thought I would just wait it out. Then April passed by, and now here we are in May, and despite the fact that some businesses here in Texas are beginning to reopen this weekend, I just don’t feel like it’s quite time to hit the town squares just yet. 

I actually started this episode’s recipes a couple of weeks ago in mid-April – season 2, episode 2: Hammers and Veils. I went back and watched the episode several times and found myself even more comforted than normal by the sight of people coming together to celebrate…in public! With more than 5 people! 

So, with an overabundance of pink and purple desserts, that’s where my work began. 

Sookie was overanalyzing, per usual, her selection of desserts for Max and Lorelai’s wedding shower by harassing Michel over whether to serve macaroon or chocolate praline cookies. When Lorelai walks into the kitchen she discovers the rest of Sookie’s stash of endless cookies, confections and heart-shaped cakes with “Max & Lorelai” written on them. 

While my favorite scene in this episode is the pan shot of the Independence Inn kitchen covered in cookies and pink frosting, all apparently made by Sookie, I hope you would understand that I am only one person sans kitchen staff, not to mention also on a quarantine budget. My original vision for this post was to really go at it as hard as I could to replicate as many items as I could, from that shot, but for the sake of time, my wallet, my waistline and my sanity, I decided to go with the top three items mentioned: macaroons, chocolate praline cookies and heart shaped mini cakes (they were too cute to resist trying!) 

The macaroons were surprisingly easy (and unbelievably delicious) despite being totally unsure that scooping the batter into a heart shape would actually result in a stable cookie that I could hold in the air and wave in front on my husband’s face for comparison. The real challenge that caught me off guard was the chocolate praline cookies. It took several attempts at making a chocolate cookie dough that wasn’t quite a sugar cookie, but also not so thin it basically snapped in half under the weight of praline mixture, which speaking of gave me maple sugar snowflake-PTSD. 

The mini cakes were the least of my troubles, however I did attempt making marshmallow fondant to avoid making another grocery trip at all costs, which turned out great but took several attempts at rolling out with plenty of powdered sugar and cornstarch to avoid sticking to any surface.

Overall, getting back into the kitchen gave me a sense of normalcy I didn’t know I needed. Sometimes it’s so much easier to want to just sit on the couch and watch endless hours of Netflix, but every now and then, it is so much more satisfying to get up and create something. And once you’re done you now have something to bring a little extra light into your home that you didn’t have before, and I think that is something we can all use some of right now. 

But hear this too – even if you spend this entire quarantine in your stretchy pants streaming endless Gilmore girls, and this post is the closest thing you have to making something yourself – you’re doing just fine. We are in this together, and we will get through this together! 

These recipes were combinations of several sources that came together very quickly! So for the sake of getting this out into the world sooner rather than later, I will update soon with the specifics if you want to try to make any of these at home! Stay tuned.

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